What Makes Me Unique?

After graduating Chiropractic college in 1984 and working several years as an Associate, it was time for me to move on. In 1988, I opened my doors to what has now become Center for Natural Healing, located in the beautiful Bailiwick Office Campus, Doylestown Township, Pa. My entire approach to patient care was turned on its' end following my introduction to Dr. Howard Loomis, Jr. and the Loomis Institute (now the Food Enzyme Institute) located in Madison, Wisconsin. Through my advanced training in digestive health, I then became nominated for and ultimately received certification as an Internal Health Specialist.  

With this additional knowledge, my practice was forever changed.  I have not looked back and could never practice in a "traditional" chiropractic setting ever again.    My practice now combines a unique mix of cutting-edge analytical and diagnostic technologies, many of the classic chiropractic techniques, nutritional protocols (that actually work) and many of the latest in physiological modalities.  Plus, just this past year I upgraded to a state-of-the-art digital x-ray system allowing me imaging clarity never before available.

"I have spent my entire career researching, studying and learning how to identify a body that is under stress and of course, how best to treat it. The basis of my entire practice is to determine where your body is spending its' energy and exhausting its’ valuable nutritional resources while fighting to stay healthy. At C4NH, I truly believe that in order to find a return to good health, you must locate the Source of your Stress and eliminate it!"  Dr. jeff

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Benefits of Care

Simply put, I think of myself as a holistic wellness doctor!  I've collected lots of "tools for my tool bag" to help in restoring balance and a sense of normalcy to your body.  My tool bag contains  many of the most highly-guarded treatment secrets that I have learned from old masters who perfected these secrets over the centuries.

Having treated thousands of patients for so many years, I feel uniquely qualified to draw on my own unique mix of cutting-edge analytical and diagnostic technologies, classic chiropractic techniques and other little-known but highly proven treatment methods that can restore long-lasting health and wellness.  

The benefit to you is that my patients respond quicker, experience less symptoms that translates to a reduced overall expense.  In addition, you will receive individualized, direct-access care by myself (not an associate) in an environment that is low stress, not rushed and feels very comfortable.  My desire is to get to know you and your family, develop a lasting relationship and to help keep you healthy now and well into the future.