How does your approach differ from most traditional chiropractors?

When you walk through my doors you feel like you’ve "finally arrived". Whether it's the low stress, no-rush, comfortable environment or just the simple act of being greeted by your name with a smile on my face, you are a part of my practice family. Your care is individualized and tailored to your needs; we are not a cookie-cutter type of practice.  You can be assured you are only going to be getting the treatment you need and the treatment approaches I feel will work best to help you respond and get better quickly.

Is your method of healing right for me?

If you don't mind me drawing on my 34 years of clinical experience or viewing you as a whole-person vs. a number or broken body part, then I believe we are a good match. If you are struggling with your health, then it is my strong belief that STRESS (be it Mechanical, Emotional or Nutritional) is the problem and your body can no longer compensate for the stress it is being exposed to. It's a really easy concept to embrace because it's not only true but so very well-documented in the medical literature.  Once we figure out where your stress is coming from, then fixing it becomes obvious!

Who is my ideal client?

My practice may be best suited to those people who have been struggling for years with their health, desperately desire to feel good again, have diligently followed their mainstream medical doctor's regime, have a long and growing list of health concerns, feel they are spiraling deeper into a world of symptoms and who are disillusioned by "standard" treatments.  C4NH is a holistic healthcare solution that brings hope and healing by looking at the whole-body.  I do my best to address the underlying stresses that cause chronic degenerative health issues...many of which are deeply rooted in some of the most basic of health requirements.

What can I expect on my first visit?

First and foremost? My sincere honesty and NOT a sales pitch. Beyond that, you can expect me to immediately begin digging deeply into your health history so that I am able to fully understand the abnormal patterns and signs of stress that are present in your body. Your first visit will begin with a brief introductory video, followed by a thorough consultation and "Source of Stress" examination including evaluations of your posture, range of motion, orthopedic and neurologic testing as well as feet and gait analysis. From there, I will determine if Visceral Somatic stress reflex points are positive (indicating possible organ system involvement) and deemed necessary, appropriate spinal X-rays. There could be additional things needed...but we need to start somewhere. Plan to be here for a solid hour while we complete this initial evaluation phase and please remember, the longer you've struggled with your health concerns, the more challenging the fix becomes. 

What are you looking for in your consultation and examination procedures?

Evidence! I'm going to show you why your issues exist in the first place and do my best to actually provide you a grade of your health status. From there, I will be able to create the basis for developing an appropriate treatment program.

Do you take my insurance? 

A huge frustration of many doctors like myself is the realization that "health-care" insurance is really better termed "sick-care".  Insurance was originally developed to provide a sense of financial security in the event of a catastrophic illness.  Many of us have become spoiled from the days of low deductibles with little to no copay and unlimited visits. Those days are long-gone and most all insurance carriers have strict rules with very distinct limitations.  It's not unusual for my office to see a patient with an astronomical deductible or copayment that is actually equal to or higher than my basic office visit fee.  This begs the question of why we are even bothering to submit claims to insurance to begin with if it could cost you less money by paying for your care out of pocket. The bottom line...we do participate with a few plans (Highmark Blue Shield & traditional Medicare), but in all other cases we are considered an out-of-network provider.  That said, there is nothing preventing me from providing you the necessary receipts and forms needed to submit a claim to your insurance as an out-of-network provider. Frankly...most of our patients often end up saying "forget my insurance -- it's just not worth it".    

Can I afford to pay out of pocket?

What I have found, is that insurance consistently finds ways to get in the way of my ability to treat you and help in getting you better. Insurance often  complicates the issues by bogging me down with paperwork and reports and prevents me from doing the things I love the most -- caring for you!  I've done it too long and I'm leaning toward a simpler approach to practice. I would much rather provide a quality service for a reasonable and fair fee. You'll be relieved to know that I have created very affordable payment options for those situations where finances are a concern. Certainly I don't want to become a banking institution, but when it's all said and done, your health is what is most important, right?  

Seriously though...don't assume you can't afford care or that using your insurance is your only options without speaking with me.    

How long does it take to get better?

If only I had a crystal ball, right?  Here is what I can tell you...once we know what is going on and the extent of your problem, then (and only then) can I offer a qualified answer. I can tell you this much...your age, how long you've had the problem, the amount of damage already done, how good you are at following directions and keeping your visits with me...those things will determine my honest answer.