Feeling Sick, But Can't Find Answers?

The vast majority of patients experiencing symptoms are often NOT diseased. Instead, many are experiencing symptoms that are the result of a stress that is being placed on the body in a manner which is interfering or altering the ability of that body to maintain a state of normal balance (internal chemistry) or Homeostasis.

Most humans enter into this world in a state of perfection, health, and harmony. As we go through the process of life, our body becomes exposed to stressors - emotional, structural, and nutritional. These stressors cause our body to go on the defensive and to utilize additional nutrients, deplete us of nutritional reserves, and to create more wastes which must be expelled in order to meet the challenge at hand. The typical American eats a horrendous diet of heavily processed and sugar heavy foods that are lacking in protein and healthy fats. We struggle to digest and assimilate the nutrients in our meals and we have great difficulty eliminating the wastes that are produced. As a whole, we fail to exercise, get adequate sleep, are stressed to the hilt with life's obligations, have significant financial concerns and are sorely over-medicated.

Recognize that these stressors are the very things that challenge the ability of your body to maintain normal balance and result in rapid exhaustion of nutrients from the body. In an attempt to correct and maintain this balance, symptoms begin to present and eventually take on a life of their own.

When was the last time you really felt well? Your body did not go from a state of health one day directly to a state of disease. There was a very large gray area in between. In fact, the majority of symptomatic patients have very little positive test results or abnormal blood findings. Why? It's all about that internal balance. Your body has to maintain that balance for you, or you will become diseased.

Because many in healthcare fail to focus on the importance of managing this internal balance and understanding the struggles that the body is going through to maintain the balance, we lose sight of how to assist the patient return to improved health. When all else is said and done, you will never win the battle to improve your health if you focus on chasing symptoms without understanding the cause. Symptoms associated with nutritional deficiencies are many and varied. At Center for Natural Healing, we can help you develop a plan to treat these underlying causes and get you back on your feet.