Consequences of Poor Digestion

Proper digestion is at the center of your body’s health.

To help your body and improve digestion, humans need a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables because of their abundant amount of natural enzymes. Also important is the need to limit your intake of processed foods (where enzymes have been deliberately removed to improve shelf life and prevent spoilage). Our bodies need these enzymes because they help us digest the very foods they come from.

The problem with eating enzyme deficient (processed) food is that the entire burden of digesting a meal of that type is now placed on the body, thus taking away valuable resources that could be used for other needs (such as fighting disease). Scientists are gradually becoming aware that organs that produce our digestive enzymes do not have enough capacity to produce all the enzymes needed to digest a typical American diet. Simply put, the lack of quality food choices in our diets today have a huge impact on our future health and significantly impact sickness and disease.

Major problems arise when the body is unable to digest the food that has been put into it. Nature’s plan calls for the enzymes found in raw food to help with digestion. If food enzymes do some or all of the work, then the body is not burdened as much.

Food allergies, gas and bloating, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea are only a few of the minor problems that can result from an overburdened digestive system. Studies are gradually revealing that the resulting problems may be the direct cause of many of the chronic degenerative diseases that are presently plaguing the human race.

When digestion doesn’t occur normally, very little attention is paid to the consequences or to its restoration. Our society has come to rely on covering up symptoms of poor digestion with various products instead of prevent them from occurring. Perhaps one day we will come to realize the detrimental effects that our food choices have had on our health and the amount of disease it has caused us all.

Want to make an immediate impact on the health of you and your family? Begin by thinking about what you are eating. If it is in a box - chances are its a poor choice. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and purchase fresh foods that are loaded in enzymes! Chew your food slowly to properly grind it into smaller pieces. Don’t eat your meals in a stress filled environment, while on the run, or late at night. These small steps (as simple as they may sound) may result in HUGE dividends to your health.